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Does your current service provider give you all this under the one professional banner?

  1. Smoke Alarm

  2. Safety Switch

  3. Pool Barrier  

  4. Corded Window Furnishings

  5. Risk Management Services

  6. Safety Information Poster

  7. Quarterly Reminder Service

  8. Free Smoke alarms

  9. Free Batteries

SWA is the only Company in the industry to offer all these services

Smoke Alarm & Safety Switch compliance includes:

  • Compliance inspection and reporting

  • Installation, relocation and replacing of smoke alarms

  • 9v and 240v smoke alarm work that comes with a 5 year warranty period

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms are ONLY installed

  • Only Duracell batteries used [free of charge]

  • SWA unique on-line system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for compliance history

  • Safety Switch is function tested and reported

  • Form 9 entry notice will be posted to your tenant and a PDF copy sent direct to you for your records

  • Our technicians and electricians are fully trained and qualified

  • Peace of mind that everyone that works with SWA have been Police checked, insured, photo ID and uniforms so you can be sure of quality staff 

  • SWA have the highest quality insurance provided by Lloyds of London

  • Full trouble-shooting procedure that technicians / electricians go through with your tenants should they have trouble with their smoke alarms or safety switches

  • Direct access to the Directors who make the decisions - no client service managers when dealing with SWA

  • SWA record the expiry dates directly onto the smoke alarm [stickers just get removed]

  • All technicians / electricians are local and know your area

  • Tenants receive reminders by post advising them of their obligations under their lease relating to Smoke Alarms

  • Safety Information Poster is installed as a semi-permanent asset in your rental property to ensure the tenants have access to safety information at all times

  • SWA have developed their own 'we have visited you today' cards that are left each time SWA have been into a property so the tenants are not left wondering if their alarms have been serviced

  • All electrical work is quoted so that the landlord is aware of the further costs that will be incurred to bring property up to compliance

  • When gaining entry is an issue, SWA liaise direct with the tenant

  • Discounts apply for multiple owners

  • Electricians are all self-employed and carry appropriate insurances and licences and install / replace / relocate 240v smoke alarms and safety switches and any other electrical work [as quoted]

  • Technicians are contracted to SWA to ensure they do a high quality job as employees are paid regardless of their standard of work

  • Accounting statements are provided to you for every mid and end of month payment received

  • All property managers have access to many documents to make their job easier on the SWA website including letters to landlords and swapping from one service provider to SWA

  • Full colour, gloss 4-fold Landlord Information Brochures are provided to the agency FREE to be included in their information packs

  • Reminder email 5 weeks from lease end to remind the property manager of intended inspections in month coming

  • Reports are provided each month detailing non compliance, work orders that were not completed together with the reason and properties that were not inspected but were due for inspection

Pool Barrier compliance includes:

  • Qualified pool inspectors, licenced

  • Assess pool barrier and surrounds and provide full written report including photos

  • Remedial information provided to rectify any issues

  • Report emailed


Corded Window Furnishings compliance includes: 

  • Assessment of each corded window furnishing in the property

  • Install warning  tags if needed

  • Install cleats and corrals if needed

  • Provide full written report if property has compliance issues that need a professional to rectify including quote



Service area

We currently service South East Queensland and some parts of Northern NSW