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Queensland 2022 Legislation

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Flexible packages with no surprises

Safety Watch have maintenance packages designed to take the stress out of compliance for landlords
and agents. Our range of packages are competitively priced and packed with value.
We have also introduced preventative maintenance into some of our packages meaning more
value for money for landlords and less paperwork and interruptions for agents and tenants.
Please note, our Red and Black package are currently only available Bris and Adelaide metro,
Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.
New: Best Value
a Year
Essential Compliance
Bundle your compliance requirements together in this simple package for convenience and peace of mind.
a Month
Extra Value For Landlords
Our red package covers your properties compliance needs with some extra features designed provide extra value to landlords including no call out fees.
Currently available in Brisbane and Adelaide metro, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast only
a Month
Premium Package
SWA Black is our new premium package agents and landlords have been asking for. Providing the ultimate peace of mind, our black package covers everything featuring free smoke alarms, free safety switch replacement, drug residue testing and no call out fees. This is truly a set and forget solution packed with value!
Currently available Brisbane and Adelaide metro, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast only

Queensland 2022 smoke alarm legislation

The new Queensland smoke alarm legislation will save lives. It could be those of your tenants.
Safety Watch are working with landlords and property managers right now to ensure their properties are upgraded on time.
Safety Watch CEO Dave Robson talks about the real concerns facing landlords and property managers and why you need to get an upgrade plan in place today.

Safety Watch Concierge Service

Switch & Save!

Switching to Safety Watch is easy. With our dedicated Concierge Service we can come to you and transfer, set up and audit your rent roll. You don't have to lift a finger

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