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Premium Cavius alarms $139


The 2022 deadline for the new Queensland smoke alarm laws is just around the corner.

We are working closely with our agents and property managers to ensure they have a plan in place to upgrade their rent roll and have their properties compliant in time for the deadline.

However, as investors rush to get their properties upgraded on time the increase in demand poses a real risk of a shortage in labour and product for those who put off their upgrades.

Our concern is many landlords will end up getting inexperienced operators using substandard products to complete their upgrades only to find they are not done correctly. This will mean paying a second time for the correct upgrade. Unfortunately we have already seen this happen and want to stop any more investors falling into this trap.

As an incentive for landlords to upgrade their properties with a quality, safe product that provides long term value and reliability, we have negotiated with our premium alarm suppliers, Cavius to come up with a price point of $139 per alarm installed.

This is down from our standard price of $165 and means a saving of over $150 on an average 4-bedroom home.

This represents outstanding value for your landlords and peace of mind for you as a property manager going forward.





If you are a current client with Safety Watch we can provide you with an upgrade staus of your rent roll. Just email us at upgrades@safetywatch.com.au.




As a dedicated risk management company with thousands of rental properties on our books we have a duty of care to provide the best compliance solution for agents, landlords and tenants. This solution includes Cavius alarms

  • Cavius alarms come with a 10-year product warranty. This is the full life of the smoke alarm so your landlords are covered and risk mitigated into the future.
  • Cavius alarms offer a less than 1% failure rate. This is a big plus for the property manager who is the first point of call for tenants when a nuisance alarm goes off at any time of day or night. With more alarms in properties that are all interconnected you want to make sure you are installing an alarm with a low failure rate if you don’t want to be fielding those 1am calls from tenants.
  • Environmentals: Cavius performed best in the harsh Queensland climate in relation to humidity and coastal corrosiveness. This means less nuisance and false alarms and less interruptions for tenants.
  • Quality Control: CAVIUS alarms are tested with cutting edge technology. Ten alarms from every batch are tested by an independent testing company; they conduct a smoke tunnel, sound, and impact test. Once they are satisfied, the batch is released, packaged and sent to the retailers
  • Sleek design: Cavius alarms have a sleek European design and are one of the smallest alarms in the world so they look good in any home.


Cavius alarms installed by a qualified Safety Watch technician is the smartest upgrade solution for you and your landlords.

Safety Watch have been managing the compliance of smoke alarms for landlords for over 15 years and have been planning for this legislation since it was announced. We understand the importance of LONG TERM risk mitigation for landlords.


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