Smoke Alarms

Meeting your Smoke Alarm obligations for a residential property isn’t just knowing you have a smoke alarm installed; it involves so much more.  

Fire is a leading cause of accidental death.  Residential occupancies account for most fire fatalities and most of these deaths occur at night during sleeping hours.  Statistics indicate that a family will experience one serious fire every generation.  Safety Watch Australia (SWA) adopts the view that family safety and asset protection is paramount to the narrow interpretation placed by some on the combined readings of the Legislation; Australian Standards; Manufacturers’ Guidelines; building plans and specifications and principles of best practice.  Consequently, we advise within these understandings the exercise of caution and the minimum placement of properly working alarms.

There are many factors to consider when dealing with Smoke Alarm Compliance and therefore a Step – by – Step approach must be undertaken to ensure compliance is attained and maintained in accordance with all relevant factors.  SWA applies the combined reading of the below listed literature with special consideration to the property’s environment as a whole.

The SWA Smoke Alarm Technician & Compliance Inspector must take into consideration the obligations arising from:

  • Queensland Fire & Rescue Service Act 1990 (QFRSA).
  • Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • Australian Standard “Smoke Alarm” AS 3786-1993.
  • Australian Standard “Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems-system design, installation and commissioning” AS1670.6-1997.
  • Common Law  (Responsible Stewardship/Duty of Care) – Manufacturer’s Instructions & State Government Recommendations
  • And read in association with The Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act.

A failure to ensure a property is Smoke Alarm compliant and implement a regular maintenance program may cause an owner or landlord to breach his or her lawful obligation under the Act.  The consequences can be far reaching and in the event of Fire resulting in property damage/loss, injury or death an owner or landlord if found to be reckless in their duty to provide proper stewardship towards their property would not only be in breach of the Act but would also be disentitled to indemnity under their property and public liability insurance policies.  In this scenario the owner or landlord would not only be out of pocket for the damage caused by the fire but also, would not be afforded indemnity protection for personal injury or property damage claims which may be brought against them.  The consequences of such a situation could be catastrophic, a situation no one would want to face.

Safety Watch Australia is an industry leading specialist for Smoke Alarm, Safety Switch, Corded Window Furnishings and Pool Barrier Compliance.  SWA offer the most comprehensive Risk Management Systems & Services that remain unrivalled within industry.

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