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Why we choose Cavius alarms to protect your tenants

As a specialist risk management company servicing thousands of properties Australia wide, Safety Watch only use the best quality products when it comes to the safety of your tenants.

Cavius have been protecting homes and saving lives with their superior smoke alarm design since 2004. The unique Danish design, combined with a professional UK-based Research and Development team brings you a reliable premium product…

The Cavius alarms use premium components to ensure reliability in performance, stability, meaning the alarm will be 100% operational during their lifetime of 10 years. Most importantly this means less hassle for tenants, less call out fees for landlords and peace of mind for everyone.

Safety Watch CEO Dave Robson talks about why we have carefully chosen Cavius alarms



  • Less than 1% failure rate: one of the lowest failure rates in the industry at less than 1%
  • 10 year warranty: Cavius are backed by a 10 year warranty – that’s the full lifetime of the alarm. This means less interruptions to tenants, less call outs for agents to arrange and less charges  for owners
  • 5 year labour warranty
  • Compliant with AS3786:2014 standard
  • Photoelectric
  • Wireless interconnectivity
  • Interconnected to each other – when one alarm goes off, all alarms go off giving earlier warning and more time to escape
  • Environmentals: Cavius performed best in the harsh Queensland climate in relation to humidity and coastal corrosiveness. This means less nuisance and false alarms and less interruptions for tenants.
  • Quality Control: CAVIUS alarms are tested with cutting edge technology. Shipments are inspected by an external auditor before export and the CAVIUS factory is externally audited several times each year.
  • The CAVIUS alarms have been developed over 10 years by world leading engineers and developers. They use unparalleled technology combined with the highest quality materials to ensure quality, reliability, stability and to ensure products are 100% operational during their lifetime.
  • Sleek design: Cavius alarms have a sleek European design and are one of the smallest alarms in the world so they look good in any home.



Property managers and landlords trust Safety Watch to choose the safest and most reliable alarms for their properties.


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